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FOX Business
Sep 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
both yesterday. they are going to be in virginia today. but they were both in ohio yesterday, and obama is leading big there if you believe the latest polls. yesterday there was an argument that hey some of the democrats are being more sampled in some of these polls. what do you think about that? >> if a poll in ohio says that obama is ahead by 8 or 10 points, i think that undoubtedly means that romney is behind in ohio, whatever the percentage. connell: maybe just a few points -- >> right. if there's a silver lining there, it is my sense if these people who say they will vote for obama do not feel strongly about it. i think there's still a lot of anxiety about where we are, and they are open to an argument from mitt romney about why obama's stewardship of the economy has been wrong for the country, but it hasn't quite been made yet. dagen: what is the one thing that mitt romney needs to do in denver next week, in the debate? >> i think he has to associate obama's economic record, the slow and declining growth rate, and the fact that unemployment went up to 9%, 9 1/2 percent early in hi
FOX Business
Sep 4, 2012 1:00pm EDT
that but he can not tell you that you're better off. >> president obama speaking in virginia today did not directly engage the issue. he did ask voters to reelect him because he has not finished his job. take a listen to that. >> we've come too far to turn back now. [applause] we created a lot of jobs but we've got more jobs to create. we create ad lot of home-grown energy but we have more energy to generate. >> if you don't think this is about rapid response, here is an e-mail from the republican national committee announcing a new video called president carter, president obama, just dropped into my in box a few minutes ago. republicans will keep hammering this all week, if not to election day. tracy and ashley. ashley: very true. peter barnes, in charlotte at the start of the dnc thank you very much, peter. >> you bet. tracy: here is a good story. fast-food giant mcdonald's known for its big mac is opening its first vegetarian restaurant in india next year which i think would be a oxymoron. the world's largest restaurant chain taylors its menu to suit local taste which means in india
FOX Business
Sep 5, 2012 11:00am EDT
. it boils down to those states. when you look at ohio, florida, my home state of virginia and others, that's really where the battle is going to be. getting back to our topic on energy, energy is a big issue in all those states. so we're really trying to encourage that conversation. let's talk about a national energy policy. we didn't hear much about it last night. we're hopeful we will hear more tonight. connell: speaking of energy, will high gas prices going to end up being a big election year issue? highest gas prices we have ever seen on labor day. we don't talk a ton about it. we do on this show, but i'm speaking more generally. >> well, there's lot of variables that contribute to the price of gasoline. of course crude oil being the primary reason. again, our view is as we contribute more supply to that marketplace, it will put downward pressure on that price which is really determined by the global price of crude oil. so it could be an issue. right now the focus just seems to be job creation, economic recovery, and again, the energy industry can contribute to that. connell: all right
FOX Business
Sep 18, 2012 1:00pm EDT
find. i looked at a specific case a guy in virginia made a claim of lower back pain. guess what, when he went to the doctor, the doctor's report didn't say, hey, this guy had severe lower back pain. they couldn't find evidence. when he went to a judge, said, look i deserve this disability he got it. that is --. ashley: no medical backup at all? >> the government hires outsiders, these specialists, so-called specialists to fill in the gaps of their lack of knowledge and this is what happens. and of course the disability rolls are growing like topcy. one judge alone, howard o'brien in oklahoma city, approved 90% of the more than 5400 cases he heard you guys described. awarded 1.6 billion in payments. we wonder where the taxpayer money is going to. tracy: call me a skeptic but does he get a kickback? >> that question was not asked. tracy: should have been on the audit report. ashley: many cases not many you do see the case of a bad back. they have a construction job on the side and all the rest of it. tracy: put pictures on facebook of them doing the macarena. >> you know the average per
FOX Business
Sep 20, 2012 11:00am EDT
that the president has a lead over romney and florida, ohio and the state of virginia. he is leading by five percentage points in florida. president obama is at 48%, romney 46%. connell: let's look at the price of oil. this is the weekly chart. this could be one of the biggest campaign issues. we started the week with $100 oil. it is now below $92. senior vice president of the derivative of trinh group. we will talk more about this. >> not until the guy at the gas pump gets rid of all the gas he has already purchased and that tank. those things will calm down lower than they go up. ultimately, they will follow that oil price. we will not see this oil price go a lot lower. connell: we have 384. we have 3.84 on the screen as an average gas price. now, i want to know, a year ago, where will we be on election day? there was a prediction around an all-time election day hi. 3.43. do you think that would come down from where we are now? is that fair? >> trying to make that argument, i do not think it will go that low. 3.50 or 3.554 gas levels. i think we will stay high. i am targeting more of the 3
FOX Business
Sep 20, 2012 1:00pm EDT
of west virginia, ohio, and kentucky. they warned a little bit. they are not transporting as much coal and don't make the money as a result. >> coal stocks down as well. what does that mean as far as the dow goes? when you saw the dow at 13600, you know, the transports are not supporting the move by the dow. do you feel confident with the dow? do you think the s&p, the dow continues to move higher or we sit here? >> i've not felt confident with the moves in any for some time because anybody can see we've not been trading on fundamentals, but just central bank planning. any rally without the support of the transports, any kind of draw down without the transports selling off as well, are not believable. you go to have the underpinning, any movement in the dow to make it believable for the market. >> thank you so much. back to you. >> ashley: great stuff, thank you, guys. tracy: a blow to economic recovery, according to the 2011 cren sus, the income of the -- census the income of the typical family fell flat this every state last year. gerri willis has more. that was after we got househol
FOX Business
Sep 21, 2012 11:00am EDT
and virginia and has to close that gap but has seven weeks. he has got to return to the fundamental message that got him to the nomination which is we like president obama but he is not a good president. four more years of his policies will keep us on the pact to ruin. connell: it is funny with that debate and all that he is funny when you look at polls, tracking polls are very close and it is the methodology of the way polls are carried out but some of these websites and i don't know how accurate they are but they put odds of victory on it and in trade where people bet money and 70% chance of victory today for president obama. i look at or what it used to be before the new york times bought it. a 76 chance of victory for obama as of today is what website says and they were averaging these polls together. that is a tough quarter if it is indicative of what is going on in the country. >> it is a tough order. i am not suggesting mitt romney is it a hole. it hasn't changed. he has the money and the message and you can't get around the fact that the countries senate terrible spot right
FOX Business
Sep 26, 2012 1:00pm EDT
west virginia. what happened there are regulations that limit ways that you can dispose of waste when you mine the coal there which is very thin and expensive to mine in the first place. that made it higher cost of production for all of the coal, not just the high quality coal that sells overseas but also coal that competes with natural gas for power plants in the east. that is one of the big impacts that affected a lot of market share for coal producers throughout the falling period of natural gas prices we've had. ashley: obviously if the president obama is reelected, how do you see the coal industry faring then? >> on most of the energy policy issues the candidates differ more in terms of degree than direction. in this case it really could make a difference almost immediately. the obama administration used something called guidance, a very informal regulatory protocol to establish rules for disposal of mining waste. that guidance could be changed on day one. similarly the epa taken a new interventionist stance on coal mining permits and that interventionist stance could also be cha
FOX Business
Sep 28, 2012 1:00pm EDT
spending will be cut. states like virginia get hammered right? still some people are saying let us go over the cliff. let the federal government learn their lesson. how come? >> well there's a great sense among some state leaders that because many of the funding programs that are the primary source of revenue from the federal government that flow to the states are exempted from the sequester requirements. however sequester alone, those automatic cuts that go into place on january 2nd, aren't the only elements of this fiscal cliff. the fact that congress hasn't reauthorized temporary aid to needy families the welfare program, it expires on september 30th. the lame-duck congress will have to make a decision when the new fiscal year for the federal government starts october 1st, that funding stream. alternative minimum tax that expired last year. bush tax cuts that expire on january 2nd. do we increase withholding or not? how do we administratively administrate policies that make sense? what states want in regard to relationship with the federal government is exactly what businesses want with
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9